5 March 2021

#AntarcticLog: Sanna’s Reindeer

Posted by Shane Hanlon

#AntarcticLog is a series of comics by Karen Romano Young. You can find the originals here

Continuing on last week’s theme of Canaries in the Coalmine:  an extended, four-frame #AntarcticLog called Sanna’s Reindeer.  

Sanna Vannar is the president of Sáminuorro, the Swedish Association of Young Saami.  The Saami people span four nations: Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia. Sanna’s family have been reindeer herders for generations, which puts them in a unique position to evaluate the reindeer’s response to the changing northern climate. I’ll let the comic tell the story: 

This local AND international story incorporates two of the key themes of #AntarcticLog — youth activism, which has such a large impact on understanding of climate change, and the specific stories of animals and their situations.  

Karen Romano Young is a writer, artist, deep-sea diver, and polar explorer. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram