10 February 2014

Three interesting new videos – a slow avalanche, a coastal rockslide and a quarry slide

Posted by Dave Petley

slow avalanche
1. A slow avalanche in Italy

Whilst I don’t usually feature snow avalanches on this blog, this one is worth a look.  It is a slow avalanche (the picture above is a screenshot from the film) that was captured a few days ago in Passeiertal in Sudtirol, Italy and is on Youtube:


The interesting aspect of this avalanche is the transition from a rapid flow into a creeping slide.  Note the enormous momentum behind the slow phase of the avalanche,which was able to fell trees and small buildings with ease.  The larger buildings must be very well-built!  It is interesting to note the similarities with the transition in the Mount Dixon rock avalanche from last year (see my posts here and here), which also transitioned from a flow to a creeping mass:


Several people brought this one to my attention – thanks to you all.

2. A small landslide from Devon

This small landslide was captured at Lusty Glaze (what a great name!) on the coast of Devon in SW England on 1st February:


3. A rockslide in a quarry

Thanks to Thomas Hodgson for pointing out this video, which has been online for over three years but had passed me by.  It is not clear where it happened, as the commentary says only: “Textbook example of footwall failure / collapse in a coal mine on a previously unidentified fault plane.”