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21 January 2022

Murgame: a debris flow game from the WSL

The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) has written an interactive game, Murgame, that highlights the risks associated with debris flows to mountain communities


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11 January 2022

Pau Branco: another significant mining-related landslide in Brazil

On 8 January 2022 a significant landslide occurred at the Pau Branco iron ore mine in Brazil, operated by the French company Vallourec.


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28 October 2021

The 21 July 2020 Shaziba landslide at Mazhe Village in Enshi, China

A new paper in the journal landslides uses InSAR data to show that the 21 July 2020 Shaziba landslide in Enshi, China was creeping in the years before the major failure


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25 October 2021

A rockslide video from Pyuthan in Nepal

Heavy rainfall in Nepal has triggered a large rockslide, captured on video, in Pyuthan, Nepal. The video shows a rapid, wedge-type of failure.


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4 October 2021

The seismic signals of the Chamoli landslide and debris flow

An interesting paper has just been published in the journal Science, (Cook et al. 2021), which looks at the seismic signals generated by the Chamoli rockslide and debris flow. It concludes that the event was fully detectable by seismic instruments located at up to 100 km from the event.


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5 August 2021

Understanding the recent monsoon landslides in Maharashtra, India

Understanding the recent monsoon landslides in Maharashtra, India, which killed at least 100 people in July 2021.


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21 July 2021

The extraordinary, almost unbelievable, rainfall in Henan Province yesterday

The extraordinary, almost unbelievable, rainfall in Henan Province, China yesterday, in which over 200 mm fell in a one hour period.


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16 July 2021

Inden: a river changing course, eroding an old channel and flooding an open cast mine

Inden: a river rediscovering a previous course and flooding an open cast coal mine The floods in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands this week have been truly catastrophic.  The same storm system also caused flash flooding in London.  It is likely that the this event will have triggered landslides, but we will need to wait to get more information when the priority is rescue and recovery.  There are suggestions that an …


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6 July 2021

The source zone of the Atami landslide

News reports and archive Google Earth imagery indicate that the Atami landslide might have occurred on manmade slope


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5 July 2021

The Atami mudslides in Japan

The Atami mudslides in Japan Over the weekend there was considerable attention paid to the remarkable videos of the mudflows in Atami, Japan.  This one in particular gained traction:- . But there are several others, which are helpfully combined into a compilation here: . I particularly draw your attention to the excerpt that begins at 8 minutes 16 seconds into the second video (the same sequence appears in the first …


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