December 5, 2018

Conservation of our lobo, the Mexican gray wolf

Last Tuesday, a crew of 11 dedicated students left Albuquerque before the sun was even hinting at its return to the sky to help conserve one of the most endangered subspecies of wolves in the world: our lobo, the Mexican gray wolf.


November 30, 2018

Fairbanks air earns unwanted ranking

Fairbanks’s air quality issues began in 1901, when shallow water grounded a Gold Rush entrepreneur.


November 29, 2018

Interdisciplinary Investigation of a New Hydrothermal Vent Field: It’s a wrap — Discoveries and new questions

Drawn to the mysteries of the Auka hydrothermal vent field, our interdisciplinary team of scientists arrived eager to explore a diverse and vibrant ecosystem thriving in an extreme environment of unique geochemistry. We were not disappointed.


November 28, 2018

Interdisciplinary Investigation of a New Hydrothermal Vent Field: First impressions and old friends

First impressions do not always turn out to be right, but they stick with you. I remember my first impression of the Auka vent field when, using the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) submersible Doc Ricketts, we discovered this hydrothermal field on April 12, 2015.


November 27, 2018

Interdisciplinary Investigation of a New Hydrothermal Vent Field: Wrap Up Video

The expedition wraps up with several notable successes and discoveries. Hear the researchers describe the highlights in their own words and check out some of the stunning biological and geological discoveries driven forward by advances in technology on this research cruise.


November 26, 2018

Sources of power for the future

…as a little kid I dreamed of becoming an astronomer. The call always felt like the mesmerizing song of a mermaid. Little did I know that my path would take me so far – and yet so close – to my childhood dreams.


November 25, 2018

Seafloor mapping and underwater vehicle localization

We have accurate maps of the moon, mars, and other planets – but we hardly know the layout beneath our own oceans. Creating maps of the seafloor allows us to understand better our planet and the life that inhabits these unexplored places.


November 23, 2018

The best inspiration is hand-on experience

Field scientists, I have decided, are the lucky ones. Unlike a variety of other professions, field scientists have the opportunity to travel to remote places and observe the wonders of the world, to see magnificent environmental beauty and escape boring everyday life, all in the name of science. I had the chance to be one of these lucky field scientists up in the Arctic in August 2018.


Covered in mud, but with a big grin

There are days you find yourself on a ship, at 2am, covered in mud. Those days you wonder, “How did I get here?” Then you realize what an amazing opportunity you have.


November 22, 2018

Pescadero Vent Diving — Week Three Video

The second leg of this expedition has focused on the Biology of these Pescadero Basin hydrothermal vent fields. Check out the newest weekly video update to get a behind-the-scenes look at what the researchers are seeing and discovering so far!