August 21, 2018

Tapir’s jaw an “incredibly rare” find

Thanks to her six-year-old grandson, Janet Klein of Homer recently hosted a few interesting house guests.

Five experts on ancient creatures slept in Klein’s Homer house last month as they searched local cliffs for another chunk of a mammal that lived in Alaska millions of years ago.


August 18, 2018

Adaptive Robotics: Wrap Up Video

By Mónika Naranjo González Data collection happens at sea, but data processing often happens after the ship is back in port, the crew has disembarked, and the equipment offloaded. Therefore, many ocean-science discoveries happen on land, when it is actually too late to pursue them (until the next expedition). On this cruise, because researchers are working on processing the data with different workflows and Artificial Intelligence, the team hopes to change …


Adaptive Robotics at Barkley Canyon and Hydrate Ridge: No Regrets

The Adaptive Robotics research cruise has been great. The science team and crew have outdone themselves and the dataset collected is one of the most impressive we have ever generated.


August 17, 2018

Adaptive Robotics at Barkley Canyon and Hydrate Ridge: Not My Normal Desk Job

By Jenny Walker This mission has taken me out of my depth, both personally and professionally. I’m a Computer Scientist, less than a year into my PhD at the University of Southampton. My job back on land is to develop new ways of automatically summarizing the information available in images gathered on an AUV dive, and while this is still my main focus, data handling at sea has been an …


In the field with Albuquerque Sign Language Academy

Following the footsteps of crews of young adults from the deaf and hard of hearing community who work with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC), this crew was created for individuals who want to engage with conservation and outdoor work but who are too young to participate in the RMYC crews.


Adaptive Robotics at Barkley Canyon and Hydrate Ridge: Five Starfish Ahead

Research expeditions are like marathons. Preparation for them is exhaustive and requires extremely disciplined individuals following a careful schedule in order to reach their goals.


August 15, 2018

Adaptive Robotics at Barkley Canyon and Hydrate Ridge: Making the Best Use

The Adaptive Robotics expedition is different from many research cruises in that the results will not simply be data such as samples, maps, or measurements.


August 13, 2018

Adaptive robotics at Barkley Canyon and Hydrate Ridge: Ask us anything!

A few days ago we invited anyone who was interested to ask Principal Investigator Dr Blair Thornton (University of Southampton) and the international engineering team on Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor questions about underwater robotics and our current expedition.


Adaptive Robotics at Barkley Canyon and Hydrate Ridge: Five Senses

Marcel Proust’s quote “Not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” resonates with the work of the Adaptive Robotics team. The experts aim to advance the way in which humanity is able to observe the oceans, and push the experience further, tapping into the potential of all five senses.


August 10, 2018

Northern snowshoe hares eat lots of dirt

The evidence is in: Snowshoe hares near Wiseman eat lots of dirt.