10 November 2011

A round-up of new landslide stories

Posted by Dave Petley

Summary: Brief reports and updates on landslides in Colombia, Libya, New Zealand and China

First off, rescue and recovery operations at the Manizales landslide site in Colombia appear now to have finished.  The final death toll is 48 people, making it one of the largest landslides of the year.

Meanwhile, Youtube has a slightly intriguing video about a landslide in Libya earlier this week:

The reported death toll is 22 people, but I cannot track down any more information.

The Manawatu Gorge landslide in New Zealand continues to cause major problems, according to this report.




So far the estimated costs exceed £4.5 million, and the road is likely to remain closed until the New Year.

China suffered a landslide on Wednesday morning that killed two people.  It occurred in  Shuangbai county in Yunnan province.  Another person is reportedly missing.

Finally, clean up operations continue at the Oak Creek power station landslide site in the USA, as this before and after slide shows (the image on the left is the newer one):



It appears that the operator is now facing potential legal action over the release of coal ash into the lake, so it could turn out to be a very expensive landslide.