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17 January 2018

The fascinating Rattlesnake Hills landslide in Washington State

The Rattlesnake Hills landslide in Washington State has continued to develop over the last few days. The movement pattern of the landslide appears to be highly complex


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3 January 2018

Rattlesnake Ridge: a large failure forming in Washington State, USA

Over the last three months a large tension crack has developed on Rattlesnake Ridge south of Yakima in Washington State, USA, defining a landslide with a volume of about 3 million cubic metres


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2 January 2018

Yarlung Tsangpo: an ongoing “quake lake” scare in India (with images from Planet Labs)

The M=6.4 17th November 2017 earthquake in Tibet has triggered multiple landslides on the Yarlung Tsangpo river in Tibet, triggering fears of a catastrophic flood in India


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23 December 2017

Villa Santa Lucia rock avalanche – images of the source zone

Images of the Villa Santa Lucia rock avalanche, inclduing prefailure views of the source and post failure views of the track, are now online


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19 December 2017

The massive, catastrophic Villa Santa Lucia landslide in Chile: videos and images start to hint at the cause

It is now becoming clear that the Villa Santa Lucia landslide was caused by a massive failure of moraine 8 km upstream of the town


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18 December 2017

Villa Santa Lucia: a deadly high mobility flow in Chile

On Saturday the village of Villa Santa Lucia in southern Chile was struck by a high mobility flow, killing at least 11 and leaving up to 15 people missing


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5 November 2017

George Town: another serious landslide in Penang

Overnight, heavy rainfall has triggered a major rotational landslide at a newly-constructed engineered slope in George Town, Penang in Malaysia


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24 October 2017

The Tanjung Bungah landslide: a very challenging site

A drone image of the site of the Tanjung Bungah landslide taken in June 2017 suggests that it was a very challenging site for development


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23 October 2017

Tanjung Bungah: a major construction site landslide in Malaysia that killed 11 people

On Saturday a major landslide on a large cut slope at a construction site in Tanjung Bungah in Penang, Malaysia killed eleven workers


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17 October 2017

The Bellavista heap leach gold mine landslide in 2007

In October 2007 a 35 million cubic metre landslide closed the Bellavista heap leach gold mine in Costa Rica, with resulting costs of over $100 million


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