7 November 2011

Landslides in Colombia on Saturday

Posted by Dave Petley

Summary: On Saturday two landslides occurred in Colombia.  The largest, in Manizales, killed at least 29 people.

Heavy rainfall in Colombia on Saturday triggered landslides in Colombia.  Whilst reports vary somewhat as to the actual cost of these landslides, it appears that there were two major events.  The largest occurred at Manizales, where  16 houses were buried at 6 am.  In total 29 people were reported killed and about 20 remain missing.  There seems little chance of finding any further victims alive, judging by the images of the landslide:






Meanwhile, a further landslide occurred at Calarca in Quindio, reportedly killing four people and injuring another five people.


Landslides have been a very serious problem in Colombia in recent years – see for example previous posts here, here and here, and this landslide video.