19 October 2011

Ongoing landslide problems at Manawatu Gorge in New Zealand

Posted by Dave Petley

Summary: Manawatu Gorge in New Zealand has been affected by a further landslide over the last few days, prolonging the closure of this important highway in North Island.

Manawatu Gorge in the North Island of New Zealand is frequently the location of large landslides that disrupt the road and railway line that pass close to its base.  In August this year, a landslide closed the road once again:




By September the estimated economic costs of the blockage had reached about $NZ 2 million, plus a further $NZ1 million to reopen the road.

Efforts to reopen the highway were dealt a further substantial blow this week when a further major landslide occurred.  Hawkes Bay Today has a good article on the latest event, including the following rather nice before and after photographs: