6 December 2017


Posted by Shane Hanlon

By Shane M Hanlon

No need to bury the lead. We are very excited to announce that AGU now officially has its own podcast!

Third Pod from the Sun is the American Geophysical Union’s podcast about the scientists and methods behind the science. These are stories that you won’t read in a manuscript or hear in a lecture.

Our goal was to create a podcast that tells the human and personal stories of AGU scientists. Too often are individual personalities not reflected in manuscripts or lectures. We wanted to show that science is more than data – it’s the crazy methods, it’s the long hours, it’s the people!

Our first episode, Parking Lot Lava, thirdpodfromthesun.com is out now. You can find the podcast website. You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and Google Play (depending on your device). This is the first of many and we hope that y’all enjoy it! Stay tuned for future episodes!

-Shane M Hanlon is a Senior Specialist in AGU’s Sharing Science Program and co-host of AGU’s podcast Third Pod from the Sun