29 September 2012

Updates and videos from a couple of recent landslides

Posted by Dave Petley

A couple of interesting landslide stories this week (updated with an extra video below):

1. The Route 14 landslide near Cedar Falls, Utah

Thanks to Alexandre Mathieu for the heads up on this one.  Back in October 2011, a huge landslide blocked State Route 14 near to Cedar Falls. Since then a huge project has been underway to reinstate the road.  This was completed this week, when the road reopened.  Remarkably, the restoration project has its own website:


This is a great resource for information about the landslide and the restoration programme, and surely is an example of best practice for such a project.

2. The Wang Shan landslide in Gansu, China

This ongoing slope failure was observed in action by the participants of a conference field trip earlier this week.  Helen Reeves of the BGS has posted a brief summary and has put a video online on Youtube The BGS also have a website about the landslide.

Geology for Global Development also have a video showing the landslide:

3. An intriguing video from the Yukon River: