2 October 2012

Three late monsoon landslides in Nepal

Posted by Dave Petley

Although the summer monsoon season is drawing to a close in Nepal, three fatal landslides occurred yesterday, together claiming up to 20 lives.  The first event occurred on the Mechi Highway between Harkate and Haspokhari in Ilam in eastern Nepal, when a landslide swept five vehicles from the road:


To date six bodies have been recovered, and a further eight are believed to be missing with little chance of survival.  There were four survivors.  Later in the day, two landslides occurred in Sankhuwasabha District in eastern Nepal.  The first, at about 11 pm local time, buried a house in Jyamire Dhupu, killing three children.  The second occurred at Dhupa in Barabesay, destroying 15 houses and claiming five lives from a single family.  Two people were injured.

The landslide season in Nepal this year has been unusually quiet, reflecting the low rainfall levels across much of South Asia.