22 June 2011

Slope tectonics – a video and a conference

Posted by Dave Petley

In Austria a conference and field trip is being organised in September on the topic of Slope Tectonics.  Details of the meeting, which includes a two-day plenary session and then a three-day field trip, can be found here.   The key focus of the meeting is stated as being “mass-wasting induced structures, fabrics and geomorphic features from local to regional scale, both in terrestrial and submarine environments, their structural and geotechnical analyses, and evolution modelling”.

This seems to be a good place to link to the following video, which show the edge of the cliff at Whitewash Head, which is the sea cliff at the top of Scarborough Hill in Christchurch, New Zealand.  This slope has been very seriously affected by the earthquake sequence, leaving it in a state of extreme instability.  The video, which is described in a stuff.co.nz post, shows just how unstable these cliffs have become.

The videographer took an extreme risk in shooting the video, especially with such an active aftershock sequence.

For reference, this Google Earth perspective view shows the cliffs before the earthquakes: