8 April 2010

Another major landslide in the Rio de Janeiro area of Brazil

Posted by Dave Petley

 O Globo in Brazil is reporting that another large landslide (in Portuguese “deslizamento de terra” for those looking the original website) struck the Niteroi area overnight, burying up to 50 houses, following the multiple slides yesterday.  The slide (shown below in an image from O Globo) occurred at Viçoso Jardim, in the Niteroi suburb of Cubango.  At least five people have been killed, with an unknown number of people missing.  The site is reportedly an old garbage dump that has subsequently been occupied by illegal dwellings.

Overall the toll from this multiple landslide disaster is very high.  To date the confirmed number of fatalities is 150, with 135 people injured and 40 or so still missing.  The Civil Defense agency is reporting 806 rainfall induced events, most of them landslides of various types. The reader-led O Globo map of the distribution of the events is a fantastic resource.  Hopefully it will be visible here:

Visualizar O mapa da devastação no Rio em um mapa maior

The landslides vary in size and nature considerably, but some are quite large, as this AP image shows: