1 January 2010

Another large landslide in Brazil?

Posted by Dave Petley

News on these landslides has been updated here

The Washington Post is reporting another substantive landslide in Brazil, this time on Ilha Grande, an island off the city of Angra dos Reis, near to Rio de Janeiro. The report says that the slide hit a vacation lodge and three houses, killing at least ten people.

The original source of this story appears to be this Globo report, which carries an image of the lodge, called the Sankay in Enseada do Bananal:

The report suggests that the slide happened at 3:30 am when most of the guests were sleeping.

A description of the lodge can be found here, and this is their website, which is currently down.

Interestingly, the report also suggests that “In the center of Angra dos Reis, the Civil Defense said that 22 people were missing in the Morro da Carioca, where a landslide hit several houses”, although at the moment I am unsure as to whether this report is correct.

News on these landslides has been updated here