1 January 2010

Latest updates on the Brazil landslides

Posted by Dave Petley

Latest update (3rd Jan 22:40 UT) here

Updated 22:47 UT with revised fatality count
with an additional photo

Globo now has a more detailed report with images of the landslides today in Brazil that I covered in an earlier post.

1. The landslide at pousada Sankay (Sankai) in Praia do Bananal, Ilha Grande

Nineteen (Nb updated from 14) bodies have now been found at the site of the lodge and in the sea around. The images of the site show a shallow slide at the interface between the regolith and bedrock. Five people have been rescued alive.

Update: Sky News has this additional image, which shows that the slide is much larger than the image above suggests:

2. The landslide at Morro da Carioca, Angra dos Reis

This landslide is believed to have killed ten (updated from five) people. There must be real concern about the other houses located at the toe of this slope, which appears to have signs of distress in other locations in addition to the new landslide.

3. Other landslides
Sadly, the three year old girl rescued from the landslide in Cascadura, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, yesterday, has died. This brings the toll from this period of heavy rainfall to 39.