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8 April 2021

InSAR as a wide area landslide detection tool

Shuicheng County in Guizhou Province in China: InSAR as a wide area landslide detection tool


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18 March 2021

Retrogressive breach failures

Retrogressive breach failures, are coastal flow slides that occur naturally in fine sands near dynamic tidal channels or rivers


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12 March 2021

The stability of mine waste tailings facilities

In a new open access paper published in Scientific Reports, Franks et al. (2021) show that 10% of tailings facilities have a history of instability. This rises to 18.3% for active upstream facilities.


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10 March 2021

The evolution of landslides after the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal earthquake

A new open access paper in the journal Progress in Disaster Science (Rosser et al. 2021) demonstrates that the number of landslides in W. and C. Nepal has increased since the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake.


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19 February 2021

Trends in landslides and landslide losses in Nepal over three decades

New research (Muñoz-Torrero Manchado et al. 2021), published in Landslides, investigates trends in landslides and landslide losses in W. Nepal over three decades. It highlights the key role of human factors in determining patterns of loss


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13 January 2021

The 7 August 2020 landslide in Gokseong County, South Korea

On 7 August 2020 a landslide in Gokseong County, S. Korea killed 5 people. A new paper (Choi et al 2021) suggests that this was triggered by the failure of an under construction embankment during heavy rainfall


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8 January 2021

Brumadinho: signs of precursory deformation

A new paper (Grebby et al 2021) uses InSAR to detect precursory deformation of the Brumadinho tailings dam before the disastrous failure in 2019. The authors suggest that the failure might have been predictable with use of appropriate monitoring techniques.


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10 December 2020

Mindu in Tibet: detecting precursors of an imminent landslide

Mindu in Tibet: a new open access paper in the journal Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences explores the detection of precursors of an imminent landslide using satellite images


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4 November 2020

The February 2018 Mangapoike landslide, New Zealand: an intriguing failure mechanism?

A new paper on the 8 million cubic metre 24 February 2018 Mangapoike landslide in New Zealand speculates on an intriguing failure mechanism


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28 October 2020

Yerba Loca – an interesting rockslide in central Chile

A new paper in the journal Landslides (Sepulveda et al 2020) describes the interesting Yerba Loca rockslide in central Chile


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