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1 May 2016

Do not miss this: video of a catastrophic landslide in loess in Kyrgyzstan

An astonishing video has appeared on Youtube showing a video in, I assume, loess in Kyrgyzstan a few days ago. The landslide killed a teenage boy.


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8 July 2014

Komansu rock avalanche: a landslide with exceptional runout

The new paper by Robinson et al. 2014 describes the Komansu rock avalanche in Kyrgyzstan. This is an exceptionally large landslide that traveled about 28 km


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17 April 2009

Large landslides in Peru and Kyrgyzstan, the Afghanistan earthquake plus heavy rain expected in the Wenchuan area

Each year in mid-April we move into the global “landslide season”, when the development of the Northern Hemisphere summer, and the associated weather patterns elsewhere, means that the number of landslides starts to increase dramatically. This is all too clear from the range of landslide events in the last few days, plus the threat of heavy rainfall in the earthquake affected areas of China: 1. Major landslide in PeruA range …


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