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28 October 2022

The Duffey Lake landslide: old logging roads and slope failures

The 15 November 2021 2021 Duffey Lake landslide in Canada: the role of old logging roads in triggering slope failures


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22 November 2021

The British Columbia landslides and floods – new images of the impacts

Over the last few days new sets of images have been posted online of the enormous impact of the landslides that affected parts of British Columbia a week ago, caused by an exceptional rainfall event. 


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16 November 2021

Landslides and road damage from an atmospheric river event in British Columbia

An atmospheric river rainfall event on Sunday and Monday caused large numbers of landslides in British Columbia, Canada.


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29 December 2020

Taku River: another very large landslide in British Columbia, Canada

Taku River: another very large landslide in British Columbia, Canada. A Facebook user, Darryl Keith Tait, has posted images and video of the aftermath of a huge rockslope failure.


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3 November 2020

Williams Lake: 1 million cubic metre, damaging landslide in Canada

Williams Lake: On 31st October 2020 a 1 million cubic metre landslide, triggered by heavy rainfall, occurred in British Columbia, Canada


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23 February 2015

Fauquier Golf Course – the evolution of a landslide

The Fauquier Golf Course landslide is picked up very clearly in two Google Earth images, one of which dates back ten years, suggesting that last week’s large slumping event has been developing over a long period.


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21 February 2015

Fauquier golf course – an interesting large-scale slump

An interesting and quite large slmup has developed on the golf course of the small community of Fauquier in Britsih Columbia, Canada in recent days


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