17 February 2012

Context for the Tumbi Quarry landslide – an image gallery for quarry and open cast landslides

Posted by Dave Petley

Thanks to everyone who has submitted ideas of images of the landslides in and around quarries and open cast mines, in response to the Tumbi Quarry landslide posts.  This is a collection of images of landslides caused by mining and quarrying. I will add to it through time, so please do keep suggesting additions.

The Yallourn open cast mine landslide in Australia:

Courtesy of Caner Zanbak, is the Collolar lignite mine landslide in Turkey:

Chuquicamata mine, Chile, pit wall failure in 1969 (see the great resource on mine wall failures here)


Mine wall failure at Round Mountain in Nevada (courtesy of Dan Bartlett)







Huckleberry Mine, SE of Smithers BC, Canada, June 2007

Courtesy of Jimmy James: “East Zone Pit north wall failure. (2×10^6 m^3 est volume). No injuries or equipment damage were reported and mine life was nearing conclusion in that pit so there was minimal loss of production. Mining is ongoing in an adjacent pit.”

Bing Aerial View:

Mine level view looking NE at failure head scarp (http://goo.gl/QRyPo)

Another mine level view looking slightly east of previous view (http://goo.gl/NfG3J):

BC EMPR Mines Report 2007 (this includes a view of failure toe and brief discussion of mine geology on page 6)

The 2011 Mine Optimization PDF report discusses the geology of the mine area, including in the completed East Zone Pit. Pages 37, 40 illustrates faulting and slide location. Pages 65, 66 illustrate and describe dyke and faulting along the north wall of the Main pit, just west of the east pit.

The Pantai Remis landslide in Malaysia (the best landslide video of all time):

My blog post on the landslide

As noted above, I’d like to add more to this collection, so your suggestions are welcome.