17 January 2012

Two interesting landslide posts on other sites

Posted by Dave Petley

These two really interesting landslide stories have recently come to my attention.  They are both worth a look:

1.The Nardi Road/Goulais River landslide

Ron Schott has a wonderful post on his blog about the Nardi Road/Goulais River landslide, which occurred on 13th October 2003 in Ontario.  The post provides maps, photos and a detailed description, and all of the images (some of which, such as the one below, are remarkable) are available on Flickr:

2. Recording a huge submarine landslide

The Our Amazing Planet site has a write-up of a paper recently published in Geology in which a sea floor hydrophone recorded a submarine landslide, with an estimated volume of over 50 million cubic metres, on the seafloor to the north of Guam.  This paper deserves a more detailed review, and is now on my list!