23 January 2011

Losses from the Brazil, Sri Lanka and Philippines landslide disasters

Posted by Dave Petley

I thought a summary of  the current levels of known losses from the three big landslide and flood disasters that have greeted the New Year would be helpful:

1. Brazil

The latest update on losses of life in this disaster is as follows, according to the Brazil Civil Defence Agency:

Nova Friburgo: 389 deaths

Teresopolis: 324 deaths

Petropolis: 65 deaths,

Sumidouro: 22 deaths

Other towns: 3 deaths

Total: 803 fatalities, plus another 417 people reported missing.

2. Sri Lanka

According to Reliefweb, the floods and landslides in Sri Lanka have affected over 1 million people, leaving about 40 of them dead.

3. Philippines

Data for the floods across a large swathe of the Philippines are available from NDCC.  The latest situation report suggests that nearly 1.9 million people have been affected, and 68 people dead and a further 23 missing.  Of the deaths, 13 people died in landslides.