17 August 2010

New pictures of Attabad

Posted by Dave Petley

Many thanks to David Butz, who is a Professor of Human Geography at Brock University in Canada, for sending to me a set of photographs of the situation at Attabad.  David was there about eleven days ago, when the boat service was still running (it has now ceased due to a lack of fuel).  David has kindly allowed me to post some pictures here – note however that he retains ownership and copyright of them.

The dam from from downstream (click on “read more” to get the remainder of the post):

A close up of the downstream part of the spillway.  Note the very large boulder:

The upper part of the spillway, the point at which the flow rate increases:

The landslide mass from the upstream side:

The towering landscape and the heavily overloaded boats that ply the lake:

Many of the displaced people are still located in very hazardous locations:

And to finish, the best image that I have seen to date that is able to show the size of the landslide.  Remember that the lake is 120 metres deep: