9 April 2010

Latest Update on the Attabad landslide

Posted by Dave Petley

Whilst my Hunza Landslide Monitoring website is the main location for the monitoring data of the landslide at Attabad, I will continue to put updates here every few days.  The current situation is that the lake level continues to rise at 30 to 40 cm per day.  This is perhaps slightly lower than expected as temperatures in this region remain unseasonably cold, meaning that snowmelt (and thus inflow) has been delayed.  Based upon the current rate of rise of the lake level and downcutting of the channel, the water should reach the spillway in two to three months.  This may shorten if the rate of inflow increases.

This graph shows the water level through time and the level of the spillway, based upon NDMA and Focus data:

Meanwhile, this one shows the rate of seepage at the three points plus the overall rate.  It is clear that the seepage rate has stabilised over the last few days: