3 January 2010

Loss of life in the Brazil landslides

Posted by Dave Petley

Updated 18:40UT on 4th January 2010

The loss of life in the Brazil landslides is now as follows:

1. Pousada Sankay (Sankai) in Praia do Bananal, Ilha Grande
So far 29 bodies have been recovered. Three victims are still believed to be buried in the debris, although the authorities cannot rule out the possibility of further victims.

2. The landslide at Morro da Carioca, Angra dos Reis
The number of recovered victims now stands at 21, with a high chance of further victims yet to be recovered.

The Brazilian Newspaper Globo has a superb Flash-based before and after comparison for both sites on its news webpage here. It is well worth a look.