2 September 2009

New images of the Shiaolin landslide in Taiwan

Posted by Dave Petley

The largest landslide triggered by typhoon Morakot occurred at Shiaolin in Kiaosiung County. It is estimated that 450 people died in this landslide. Until now I have been struggling to find a decent image of the slide itself, apart from the poor quality aerial photography and drone video that I have highlighted previously. However, I have today come across the following three images on the Taiwan News website:

Click on the images for a better view in a new window.

The failure is a little difficult to interpret. It is possible that it is a very large-scale translational slide, with a large about of erosion into the scarp to form the channel structure. Alternatively, there could be an element of a wedge failure here, but if so it is surprisingly deep. The slide looks to have been very high energy, and thus very destructive, in the lower part of the track.