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September 23, 2020

Honoring June Bacon-Bercey and her AGU scholarship for women in atmospheric sciences

It started with contest winnings, and the June Bacon-Bercey Scholarship in Atmospheric Sciences for Women is restarting to “support women students with a demonstrated interest in atmospheric sciences and intersections with meteorology as they establish their studies and build careers in the field.” Learn more about June Bacon-Bercey’s professional achievements and passion for increasing participation in STEM.


July 13, 2020

Wikipedia biography pages – every edit counts

There are several additional reasons why we should edit Wikipedia – and plenty of opportunities to learn how. What will you contribute? No matter how many words or citations you add, every edit counts.


October 9, 2019

Why Wikipedia edit-a-thons are needed, and how we can help

We can all play a role in making a change in who represents STEM scientists in Wikipedia


January 27, 2016

Wikipedia Year of Science 2016

Wikipedia is doing its part in acknowledging that their science articles need work, and that science students and faculty are the content experts that can improve these pages. So, are we as a community going get involved, or continue to ban our students from using Wikipedia as a source? Wikipedia is knocking – are we willing to answer during this Year of Science?


January 20, 2016

Wikipedia turns 15 – but do academics trust this teenager?

I asked my students how many had a faculty member tell them they cannot use Wikipedia as a source. All students raised their hands. I asked them why they thought they were banned from using Wikipedia for academic purposes. Everyone said in unison, said it was because Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Now 15 years of age, when do we start trusting this teenager?


March 11, 2015

Wikipedia edit-a-thon for women in STEM [Women’s History Month]

For the month of March, in honor of Women’s History Month, I am dedicating my weekly blog posts to the outstanding organizations, resources, and inspiring stories about women in STEM.  Be sure to check out my first post on the Earth Science Women’s Network (ESWN). Whatever one might feel towards Wikipedia, the fact of the matter is that Wikipedia is out there, and people are using it.  Quick to come …