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October 28, 2018

Earth’s four elemental forces… plus The Human Element

“We are changing the other elements. At the same time, the elements are changing us. I want to bring this story to life.” — James Balog, The Human Element


October 17, 2018

What inspires you? Earth Science Week 2018

Earth Science Week inspires me to take action to facilitate education and awareness to the campus and local community about Earth science. How are you inspired to share Earth science?


October 12, 2018

Thriving Earth Exchange – science, community impact, and much more

AGU’s Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) help scientists, community leaders, and sponsors work together to solve local challenges related to natural resources, climate change, and natural hazards


September 3, 2018

The 2018 Election and Nonpartisan Engagement with Students

Help students explore not only the grand challenges in Earth science during this election year with an exercise that explores where the candidates stand, but help contribute to campus efforts and conversations for the mid-term election


August 27, 2018

Strategic ed tech planning with the 2018 NMC Horizon Report by EDUCAUSE

What is on the five-year horizon for higher education institutions? Which trends and technology developments will drive educational change? What are the critical challenges and how can we strategize solutions? These questions regarding technology adoption and educational change are in the NMC Horizon Report: 2018 Higher Education Edition brought to you by EDUCAUSE.


August 19, 2018

Pope Francis and the encyclical on the environment and human ecology

“The urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together to seek a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change” — Pope Francis, Laudato Si’


July 30, 2018

Climate change gets personal – addressing beliefs, trusted sources, and values

Public perception of climate change remains deeply divided, despite a near-unanimous consensus among scientists that human-caused climate change is a reality. How can we strengthen public understanding of and belief in climate change? — The Franklin Institute


July 17, 2018

Stitching Hope for the Coast – communicating coastal optimism for Louisiana

We’re asking anyone to knit, crochet, quilt… create anything with yarn or fabric that represents hope for the Louisiana coast. We’re creating a group on Ravelry, have a website ( and hashtag (#stitchingcoast) ready to go, and now, we just need needleworkers! It doesn’t matter the age or level of ability or where you live.


July 5, 2018

Preparing Students for a New Learning Economy – from Jose Antonio Bowen

“The person [student] that does the work does the learning. And the new economy is the learning economy – rewards come to those that can learn new things.” — Dr. Jose Antonio Bowen


July 2, 2018

Assessment of Undergraduate Research – from David Lopatto

“…the high-impact practice of undergraduate research still provokes interesting questions for research on student learning” (Lopatto, 2010)