20 March 2013

Upper Martinsburg “Cub Sandstone” in GigaPan

Posted by Callan Bentley

Today, two GigaPans shot of the uppermost Martinsburg Formation, informally known as the “Cub Sandstone” since it crops out along Cub Run in the southern part of the Massanutten range. 10 or 15 meters upsection (west) of these two outcrops is the base of the Silurian-aged Massanutten Sandstone, the ridge-forming unit.

Lower in the section:

Higher in the section:

If you explore these GigaPans, you’ll find a trend towards less mud and more sand higher in the section (to the west / left), which is interpreted as evidence of basinal shallowing. You’ll also see some killer bedding/cleavage intersections, and great examples of spheroidal weathering in the sandstone layers. Enjoy!