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28 February 2013

Unconformity seen in the field yesterday

Callan and two colleagues find a “textbook” unconformity on a field trip in Virginia’s westernmost Blue Ridge.


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27 February 2013

AW#55: Geo-injuries

The Accretionary Wedge is a ~monthly geoblog “carnival” which elicits posts on a variety of themes. This month, it’s Maitri’s turn, and she wants to hear about our geo-injuries. Here’s my story: In 2003, I was doing field work in the high Sierra, mapping the Sierra Crest Shear Zone for my geology master’s degree. When I first got out there that summer, Scott Paterson of the University of Southern California …


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26 February 2013

Using M.A.G.I.C. to zoom in on trace fossils

Yesterday, I worked on my sabbatical project, the Mid-Atlantic Geo-Image Collection (M.A.G.I.C.). Whether I go outside on a given day to shoot GigaPans of local geology depends on multiple factors: (a) How’s the weather? (b) Do I have to watch Baxter? (c) Can I bring Baxter with me? (d) How are the lighting conditions? Yesterday everything lined up: nanny on duty, moderate temps, and high diffuse clouds that permitted a …


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25 February 2013

Monday macrobug: Hercules

Eastern Hercules Beetle, Dynastes tityus. Dessicated sample, collected at the 7-11 on the corner of route 55 and route 522 north of Front Royal, Virginia. Collected by one of my wife’s students (she’s a science teacher). I like the shadow of the horns in this one: Monday macrobug is officially on winter hiatus. We’ll resume when the weather warms up and the creepy-crawlies come scuttling back out.


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22 February 2013

Friday fold: Martin’s metamorphics

A guest “Friday fold” from South Africa: folded gneisses, flavored with other treats of a geological nature.


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21 February 2013

Strained stylolites in Elkton East

Whoa – look at all that GREEN. You can tell this Virginia picture wasn’t taken recently. In fact, it’s another image from the field review I participated in for the Elkton East quadrangle back in May of last year. Somehow I start blogging these things, but run out of steam (or really more accurately: I get distracted by other stuff) before I finish. Today’s (I think, final) tidbit: sheared stylolites …


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20 February 2013

Crazy veins

Callan & his students visit an outcrop on the Icefields Parkway in Alberta, showing a variety of white veins cutting dark rock.


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19 February 2013

Flight Behavior, by Barbara Kingsolver

I finished reading Barbara Kingsolver’s new novel Flight Behavior over the weekend. It’s certainly cut from the same cloth as Kingsolver’s other work. If you liked Prodigal Summer and her many Arizona novels, you’ll probably like this one, too. Similarities include: beautiful writing, a focus on the relationships women have to their families, friends, and strangers, and the powerful insights we can gain by associating with nature. What sets it …


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18 February 2013

Scouting out the geology of Doukénie Winery

On Saturday, Lily and I went out for a date. It was only the second time since Baxter was born that we were able to get away for quality time, just the two of us. We headed up to Doukénie Winery near Hillsboro, Virginia. Here it is on a topographic map: Here’s what it looks like from the ground: In a couple of weeks, I’m giving a geology talk at …


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15 February 2013

Friday fold: clear evidence of the work of the Intelligent Folder

Yesterday’s post showcasing my conversational critique of Intelligent Design got a lot of attention, including tweet love from @NCSE and @BadAstronomer, and a blog post at Pharyngula. So, at the risk of overkill, I decided to have a little fun with the Friday fold… Check out this fold that I found in float of Purcell (Belt) Supergroup limestone last summer, in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta: Such beautiful symmetry! This …


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