21 January 2024

Swan song

Posted by Callan Bentley

Trumpeter Swan observed last week at Ragged Mountain Reservoir, near Charlottesville, Virginia

Well, this is it:

The last post at Mountain Beltway here at the AGU Blogosphere.

AGU has been so accommodating, hosting my blog for these past 13+ years, but they’ve let me know that it’s time to “sunset” the AGU Blogosphere. This didn’t come as a shock – the pace of posting around here has slowed way down over the past several years. I figured at some point, someone would pull the plug.

I will migrate all the content here to another site, and I may choose to continue blogging there, but at the moment my three-years-plus of low blogging inspiration feels like it’s going to continue. I’ve found more inspiration to write when I’m adding content to my free, online Historical Geology textbook.

I’ve also been motivated to make video lately, and have produced a lot of YouTube videos over the past year. I’d hope to continue doing that.

And I’ve found a new social media home – Bluesky, a very oldschool-Twitter-feeling service, with none of the odious baggage that comes with the actual Xitter. (Quitting that when I did feels very prescient; I’m proud of that move.) Bluesky feels like the premuskian days at Twitter, complete with a lot of familiar “geotweeps” — I hope more geoscientists find their way there.

I’d like to thank María-José Viñas for recruiting me to be a founding blogger at the AGU Blogosphere, and grateful to all the technical support AGU staff has extended my way through the years, in particular Larry O’Hanlon, Mike McFadden, and Anthony B.

So long, compadres. Happy trails!