19 March 2013

A closer look at the recumbent anticline from last Friday

Posted by Callan Bentley

Last week, the Friday fold was presented in GigaPan format only, which led to a concerned reader lamenting that he couldn’t see it on his mobile device. (GigaPans are Flash-based images; they don’t work on Apple devices in the standard GigaPan format, though there is a perfectly suitable workaround with two extra clicks.)

So, for the sake of this poor reader, who would otherwise be denied a view of this lovely fold, here are a few photos of the site, presented in the traditional jpg format:

So many trees! It made me ache for my chainsaw. Here’s a closer look at the fold hinge region in the corner of the quarry:

Another view, slightly to the left and emphasizing the 3D folded layer at right:

Click to enlarge

Same view, annotated:

And here’s a recumbent synform in the opposite corner of the quarry (two views from slightly different angles):