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24 January 2023

A coastal cliff collapse at Blacks Beach, San Diego, California

On 20 January 2023 a large coastal cliff collapse at Blacks Beach, San Diego, California was captured on a truly amazing video.


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23 June 2020

The Gjerrild Klint landslide on the east coast of Jutland, Denmark

The Gjerrild Klint landslide on the east coast of Denmark, a classic rotational coastal failure triggered by heavy rainfall


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6 March 2020

The landslide-induced TGV (high speed train) accident in France yesterday

Yesterday, a TGV (high speed train) travelling at 270 kmh struck a landslide between Strasburg and Vendenheim in the Bas-Rhin area of France, causing a serious derailment that injured 22 people.


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18 May 2017

Landslides that make you gasp part 1: Yallourn

This is the first edition of an occasional series on landslides that make you gasp, featuring the Yallourn coal mine landslide in Australia in 2007.


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9 September 2015

West Salt Creek Landslide: Colorado Geological Survey report

The Colorado Geological Survey has produced a detailed report on the 2014 West Salt Creek landslide, which killed three men. Surprisingly, this was a high mobility rock avalanche that initiated as a rotational landslide.


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3 December 2014

The Domkar Monastery landslide in Qinghai, eastern Tibet

In early November a spectacular and highly destructive rotational landslide occurred at Domkar Monastery in Tibet, destroying many buildings


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28 May 2014

Grand Mesa: an unusually large and mobile mudslide

The Grand Mesa mudslide in Mesa County, Colorado at the weekend was an unusually mobile rotational landslide / mudflow event that killed three people


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28 March 2014

The Oso (Steelhead) landslide: mechanisms of movement and the challenges of recovering the victims

Seismic data indicates that the Oso (Steelhead) landslide was a two phase movement event. Sadly attention is now focused on the recovery of the remains of the victims rather than on a rescue operation


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25 March 2014

The Steelhead landslide in Oso, Washington State

More detail is now emerging of the landslide near to Oso in Washington State, USA on Saturday. The landslip was a reactivation of the Steelhead landslide


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4 February 2010

The Rivermist subdivision in San Antonio, Texas is on the move again – and it is a rotational retaining wall failure

The woes of the families displaced by the slope failure at the Rivermist Subdivision in San Antonio, Texas have been exacerbated by a new phase of movement. AP Texas News reports that heavy rain has triggered additional cracking of the wall, and the movement of some debris. However, the houses at the top of the slope are apparently not moving. I have been wondering why they are so confident that …


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