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5 July 2011

Downloadable presentation on landslides in South Asia

This post presents the powerpoint file for a talk glandsiven at ITC in the Netherlands on fatal landslide occurrence in South Asia. The powerpoint file can be downloaded.


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5 May 2011

New presentation – Climate Change in Gilgit-Baltistan: impacts on humans and hazards

A pdf file of the presentation that I will give today entitled: Climate Change in Gilgit-Baltistan: impacts on humans and hazards.


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9 September 2010

IAEG presentation and paper on Attabad

Today I presented an invited paper at the 11th Congress of the IAEG in Auckland, New Zealand on the topic of landslide hazards along the Himalayan Arc.  This paper starts by looking at global and regional landslide hazard before presenting the state of play at Attabad.  As usual, I have uploaded the PowerPoint file to Authorstream, such that you should be able to both view and download it below: 10_09 …


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16 May 2010

Attabad landslide – my report and presentation from my field visit in February

As the water level at Attabad approaches the spillway, several people have asked that I reposrt the links to the report and presentation that I prepared after my field visit to the site in February.  So here they are: ReportPresentation (should also be viewable below) 10_03 Attabad http://www.authorstream.com/player/player.swf?p=393289_634096013246356250 See more presentations by Dr_Dave | Upload your own PowerPoint presentations This is the presentation that I gave to NDMA in Islamabad.  It is …


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9 December 2009

Presentation of lanslides caused by Tropical Cyclone Aila in Darjeeling

The Savethehills blog has an interesting presentation on their website focusing on the landslides caused by Tropical Cyclone Aila in Northern India in May this year. It can be accessed here: http://savethehills.blogspot.com/2009/12/cyclone-aila-in-photographs.html


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26 November 2009

The damage caused by landslides during earthquakes

Below is the presentation file of the keynote lecture that I gave today at the Chilean Geological Congress in Santiago. I have removed a few of the figures as they have not yet been published. You should be able to download and to view the file below: Damage caused by earthquake landslides http://www.authorstream.com/player/player.swf?p=278331_633948356710621250 See more presentations by Dr_Dave | Upload your own PowerPoint presentations The powerpoint file is hosted on Authorstream, which …


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18 November 2009

Tailings dam failures and the price of commodities

A couple of weeks ago the University of Alberta hosted a conference entitled “Tailings and Mine Waste 2009“. Impressively, all of the presentations from the meeting have been posted online on an FTP site here. Most of the presentations focus upon technical aspects of tailings facility design, but there is a very interesting talk from Michael Davis and Todd Martin from AMEC online as a pdf here. This presentation examines …


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