9 September 2010

IAEG presentation and paper on Attabad

Posted by Dave Petley

Today I presented an invited paper at the 11th Congress of the IAEG in Auckland, New Zealand on the topic of landslide hazards along the Himalayan Arc.  This paper starts by looking at global and regional landslide hazard before presenting the state of play at Attabad.  As usual, I have uploaded the PowerPoint file to Authorstream, such that you should be able to both view and download it below:

10_09 IAEG petley v2


The written paper has been published in the conference proceedings.  I do not have a pdf of the actual printed version but I do have one of the final manuscript.  I am working on putting that online, so watch this space.

A pdf of the paper itself is available here:

Note that this paper contains a map of global landslide losses in terms of fatalities and some data both for global losses and for those in the Himalaya. 

Note that the typeset format is slightly different from that of the actual published paper, but the content is the same.  The reference to the paper is:
Petley, D.N., Rosser, N.J., Karim, D., Wali, S., Ali, N., Nasab, N. and Shaban, K. 2010. Non-seismic landslide hazards along the Himlayan Arc.  In: Williams, A.L., Pinches, G.M., Chin, C.Y., McMorran, T.J. and Massey, C.I. (eds) Geologically Active.  CRC Press, London, pp. 143-154.