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17 May 2011

Attabad landslide – Geohazards 5 presentation

A link to the paper and powerpoint presentation for my talk on the Attabad landslide at the Geohazards 5 conference in Kelowna, Canada today.


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19 December 2010

The outcome of a study of the Kolontar Tailings Dam failure

Regular readers will remember that I covered in a number of posts the tailings dam failure at Kolontar in Hungary, which flooded a town with bauxite waste with fatal consequences.  At the time we tried to “crowd source” an interpretation of what had happened, and as a result we speculated that the failure might have resulted from a foundation failure of the dam caused by high pore pressures, which led …


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9 September 2010

IAEG presentation and paper on Attabad

Today I presented an invited paper at the 11th Congress of the IAEG in Auckland, New Zealand on the topic of landslide hazards along the Himalayan Arc.  This paper starts by looking at global and regional landslide hazard before presenting the state of play at Attabad.  As usual, I have uploaded the PowerPoint file to Authorstream, such that you should be able to both view and download it below: 10_09 …


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11 March 2010

Manchester talk on the Sichuan Earthquake disaster

Yesterday I gave a talk to the Manchester branches of the Geographical Association and the Geological Association on the causes of the Sichuan (Wenchuan) earthquake disaster. As usual I promised to make my slides available via Authorstream. You should be able to download the presentation as well as viewing it below.: 10_03 Manchester 1 See more presentations by Dr_Dave | Upload your own PowerPoint presentations


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24 February 2010

Framlingham College Presentation on the typhoon Morakot disaster in Taiwan

Last night I gave a public lecture on the Typhoon Morakot disaster in Taiwan. The talk may be viewed and downloaded here: 10_02 Framlingham comp See more presentations by Dr_Dave | Upload your own PowerPoint presentations


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18 December 2009

AGU Presentation on the Societal Impacts of Landslides

This is the Powerpoint file from my presentation at AGU Fall Meeting in 2009 on quantifying the impacts of landslides on society, which is scheduled for Friday morning. Quantifying the impacts of landslides on society See more presentations by Dr_Dave | Upload your own PowerPoint presentations Please feel free to download it and to make use of it in presentations etc, but please acknowledge me. If you do use …


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26 November 2009

The damage caused by landslides during earthquakes

Below is the presentation file of the keynote lecture that I gave today at the Chilean Geological Congress in Santiago. I have removed a few of the figures as they have not yet been published. You should be able to download and to view the file below: Damage caused by earthquake landslides See more presentations by Dr_Dave | Upload your own PowerPoint presentations The powerpoint file is hosted on Authorstream, which …


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8 November 2009

Coastal erosion and climate change: Implications for the shoreline over the next century

On Friday I gave a public lecture at the Badbury Centre in North Yorkshire (NE England), looking at the potential impacts of climate change on coastal erosion. The presentation was focused on the field site that we maintain at Boulby, close to the lecture venue. In the presentation I start by looking at our landslide database and then go on to talk about climate change. The main part of the …


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14 October 2009

Teachers First presentation on the hazards associated with the Wenchuan (Sichuan) earthquake

This is a 45 minute presentation that I gave today at a seminar for sixth form (High School) teachers on the impact of the Wenchuan (Sichuan) Earthquake in May 2008. You should be able to view or download the presentation below. Please feel free to use it as appropriate for educational purposes, but please acknowledge me. Teachers First Talk 14th October 2009 See more presentations by Dr_Dave | Upload …


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18 September 2009

Presentation at the International Conference in Commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake

Below is my presentation from the conference in Taiwan. The file is on authorstream (my authorstream page is here – there are several of my presentations there). You should be able to play or download the presentation below or from the authorstream site. As ever, please acknowledge anything that you use from it. The paper was a review of the key things that we have learnt from research into landslides …


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