17 July 2017

Two new landslide videos from China: Liuzhou and Chamdo

Posted by Dave Petley

Two new landslide videos from China: Liuzhou

With thanks to Pasi Jokela, who brought them to my attention, there are two good new landslide videos from China, one from Liuzhou and one from Chamdo.

A rapid landslide from Liuzhou in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

First, a dramatic dashcam video of a slide from Liuzhuo in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on July 12. Reports suggest that the landslide injured three people (this video may not embed due to yet another WordPress quirk. Apologies if so):


The aftermath suggests that this was a very wet earthflow:

Liuzhou landslide

The aftermath of the landslide in Liuzhou in China on 12th July. Image via Liveleak


A riverbank collapse from Chamdo Prefecture, China

This dramatic riverbank collapse was captured from multiple angles.

The caption from the Youtube posting says:
Five storey building collapses due to flooding. A remarkable video has emerged from China showing a five-storey block of flats collapse into a flooded river.  In the video, which was filmed in Chamdo Prefecture on July 8, the fast-flowing water appears to wash away the building’s foundations and it topples over into the river.  Luckily the residents were evacuated in advance and there were no casualties.   The clip also shows a empty lorry falling into the river as part of the river bank subsided.