22 March 2016

Multiple landslides in the last few days in northern India and Pakistan

Posted by Dave Petley


Multiple landslides

Damage to houses in Pakistan caused by one of multiple landslides in the last few days, via Dawn



Multiple landslides in the last few days in northern India and Pakistan

Heavy rainfall in the last few days in northern India and Pakistan has triggered extensive landsliding, resulting in surprisingly high losses.  Whilst this is an area that receives Spring rains, multiple landslides to this degree are not normal, it being some months prior to the development of the southwest monsoon.  Key incidents include:

1. Susam, Chitral, Pakistan

A mudslide triggered by heavy rainfall killed eight ninth grade students returning from exams.  Some reports have suggested 9 or 11 fatalities, and there is some confusion over whether this might have been an avalanche.

2. Ramsu area of Ramban district, Jammu and Kashmi, India

Five people died, and three were injured, when a taxi was knocked off the road and into a river by a rockfall.

3. Multiple landslides on the Jammu-Srinigar highway

Reports indicate that the road between Jammu and Srinigar was closed by landslides at Sher Bibi, Panthyal, Battery Chashma, Marog and Anokhi Fall, trapping more than a thousand vehicles.

4. Multiple landslides on the Doda-Batote highway

A massive landslide at the Raggi Nullah blocked the sole highway linking these twin districts.  Reports suggest hundreds of vehicles were trapped.

Multiple landslides

Damage to a house in Pakistan caused by one of the multiple landslides in the last few days, via Dawn

5. A rockfall at Sarli Sacha Sharqi village

Five people, including four children, were killed when a boulder flattened a house in Sarli Sacha Sharqi village, in Pakistan’s Azad Jammu and Kashmir, late on Friday night. One child survived.

6. A landslide at Ochar Mohalla in Bagh District

A couple were killed by a landslide at Ochar Mohalla on the outskirts of Bagh City. A child survived the landslide.

7. Multiple landslides in Murree in Pakistan

Reports suggest that the Murree area of Pakistan has also been very badly affected by landslides.  Dawn reports that “Almost half the village of Graan-Ghoe was destroyed when a landslide damaged 30 homes, and the residents have no other choice but to wait out the rain under the open sky.  Houses were also destroyed in Potha, Sehana, Phagwari, Aloit, Sehrbagla, Masot, Dewal and Phaphril among other villages, where roads and other infrastructure worth billions of rupees was also damaged.”

8. A fatal landslide at Jaglote in Gilgit

A woman was killed in a fatal landslide at Jaglote.  Pamir Times reports that: “huge boulders fell from a nearby mountain hitting several houses and cattle sheds. As a result a woman was killed. Around a dozen sheep, goats and cows, other cattle, were also killed. Three houses were damaged.”