13 November 2013

New landslide video: the luckiest dog in the world!

Posted by Dave Petley

This apparently happened back in August in Floyd County in Kentucky, USA.  I suspect that this is the luckiest dog in that area at least:



The good news is that the dog survived, and indeed at the end of the video very nonchalantly appears on the film, sniffing around:

13_11 dog 3..

So how did the dog survive when the flow appears to have been (and of course was) so violent and energetic?  A freeze-frame of the moment that the slide strikes the kennel is revealing:

13_11 dog 2


Because the building was away from the cliff face the landslide struck the kennel low down, and pushed it forward rather than burying it.  The oblique angle of the strike meant that the kennel (and presumably the dog) was shoved out of the way of the flow.  This is rather similar to the car that was struck by a flow in Shaanxi Province in China in July, about which I blogged earlier this year: