9 September 2013

A large mudflow at Stehekin in Washington State, USA

Posted by Dave Petley

On Thursday an intense thunderstorm struck Stehekin in the North Cascades National Park in Washington State, USA.  The storm triggered a large and quite dramatic debris flow that  inundated a car park and a number of buildings.  The National Parks Service has put a number of photos of the event on its Flickr page – they rather nicely illustrate the damage that such an event can cause:

13_09 Chelan 1

13_09 Chelan 2..


Interestingly, this article explores the possible causes of the landslide, which appears to be larger than is normal in this region.  They speculate that a factor may be recent forest fires in the area, which has left the soil vulnerable to landslides.  This is entirely possible as a causative factor.

Thanks to Ellen Hardy for he pointing this event out to me.