24 July 2013

Two dramatic new landslide videos from China

Posted by Dave Petley

Two new videos have appeared on Youtube showing large, recent landslides in China.  The first is from the village of Caopo in Sichuan Province:

It is not clear as to when this happened, and it is not mentioned on Xinhua.  The video beautifully shows the extensional flow regime of the landslide.

The second appears to show the aftermath of a very large landslide at Qishan in Gansu Province, presumably triggered by the earthquake:


The title of the video suggests that it buried a village, but I have no idea what this means in reality.  The displacement on the back scarp looks to be very large (see screenshot below), and it appears to be a loess landslide, but I have no more information about it.

13_07 China video 1


Anyone have any more information about either?