1 March 2012

Falling lake levels at the Attabad landslide dam

Posted by Dave Petley

The Pamir Times is reporting the effects of the excavation operations to lower the deepen the spillway at Attabad, which led to the removal of the coffer dam on Monday.  So far this operation appears to have proceeded well – and credit is definitely due to the FWO and other authorities for what they have achieved here.  It is really good news to see this hazard being managed in a proactive manner.  The article notes that the lake level has fallen by 20 feet (6 metres) from its maximum when the coffer dam was in place, which means that the lake level is now about 10 feet (3 metres) lower than before th coffer dam was built.  The upshot is that some of the previously drowned structures are starting to re-emerge, and the post contains some very interesting images of the re-emergence of buildings: