10 February 2012

Friday fun: a new landslide video and a remarkable escape from a rockfall

Posted by Dave Petley

As a bit of light-hearted relief from the Philippines and Papua New Guinea landslides, here are two interesting landslide items.

First, with a hat-tip to Greg Springer, there is a new landslide video on Youtube.  It is another good one (despite the music):


According to the Youtube page “The landslide occurred summer 2011 in Athens County, Ohio during construction of a new road.”

I will update the ultimate landslide video page in the next few days to include a much larger selection of events.

Second, thanks to Zetica’s twitter feed (@zeticaltd), Metro has the story of a remarkable escape  from a car crushed by a boulder (ie. a rockfall) in France:



The report states that the victim is expected to make a full recovery.