7 February 2012

An update on the landslides from the Philippines Earthquake

Posted by Dave Petley

The earthquake in the Philippines yesterday appears to have stirred barely a ripple in the global media, but in a comparatively small area of Negros Oriental conditions are clearly very difficult.  It is now clear that the majority of deaths have resulted from landslides.  The latest NRRDMC report lists one confirmed fatality from a landslide in Tayasan, plus 29 people missing at Barangay (village) Planas in Guihulngan, and 42 missing at Barangay Solonggon in La Libertad, giving a landslide toll to date of 72 people.

Meanwhile the media is also reporting that the landslide at Planas appears to have blocked the river:

“A new crisis unraveled when the landslide in Planas clogged a mountain river, threatening about four villages downstream. If the river swells or the landslide gives way, the accumulated water may sweep away houses along the banks, Reyes said. Residents were warned to move away.”