28 July 2011

First images of the Korean landslides plus data on recent landslide losses in Korea

Posted by Dave Petley

Update: don’t miss the video of the Seoul landslides here

Yonhap News has published a photograph of what I think is the site of the landslide in Chuncheon:

Meanwhile, the current rain radar image for Korea suggests that heavy rainfall is continuing to fall over the affected areas:

Fatality-inducing landslides do occur fairly often in South Korea.  The graph below shows the data from the Durham fatal landslide database for this country for the period 2004 to the present, excluding the events yesterday.  In this time, 19 landslides have claimed a total of 80 lives.

Landslides in S. Korea do seem to show a remarkably strong seasonality in South Korea.  The graph below shows the recorded incidence of fatality-inducing landslides by month.  It is clear that July is the peak period: