1 July 2010

Attabad – limited information flows

Posted by Dave Petley

Unfortunately, I am not currently receiving any updates on the situation at Attabad, so it is hard to post on what is going on.  The best that I can do at the moment is to report the various figures from the media, although it is far from clear as to whether these are reliable.

The last set of data that I received from the site was for 25th June.  At that time the sillway flow was reported to be as follows:
Spillway = 12,450 cusecs; Total outflow = 12,650 cusecs; Inflow = 14,810 cusecs

Media reported flows since have been (NB there are no indications as to the reliability of these figures, so I cannot vouch for them):

28th June: outflow = 15,000 cusecs; water level fallen 12 inches in two days (Pamir Times)
29th June: outflow = 16,000 cusecs; inflow = 14,000 – 15,000 cusecs; water level has fallen a “further” 13 inches (Hunza Times quoting the Chair of NDMA)
1st July: outflow – 16,554 cusecs; Water level increased 3 inches in previous 12 hours (Express Tribune)

I hope that the flow of information will improve soon, but can make no promises.