9 May 2010

Landslides in art: Part 6 – this time a song!

Posted by Dave Petley

Regular readers will have seen the occasional posts in which I feature the occurrence of landslides in art (previous examples here, here, here and here).  You may also remember that I featured a project by artist Kane Cunningham to turn a landslide / erosion threatened house at Knipe Point in Scarborough into a work of living art.

Well, singer-songwriter Anne-Marie Sanderson has written a song about the project / house, which you should be able to view below via Youtube:

Whilst there are lots of songs that use the term landslide figuratively, this is the first one that I have heard that is actually directly about a landslide.  I would be interested in any other examples anyone may have. 

Anne-Marie’s website is here.  Don’t blame me if the background gives you a migraine!