20 March 2010

The water level and seepage at the Attabad landslide – graphs of the current situation

Posted by Dave Petley

Latest update: 25th March 2010 08:00 GMT

I thought it would be useful to post a graph of the current state of play with the water and spillway levels, as I understand it. The water level is from the NDMA daily(ish) updates; the spillway height comes from the freeboard measurement from FOCUS. Needless to say I have no way to validate this data.

Graph as of 23rd March 2010 (the last day for which I have data):

The graph starts on 1st February as this is when the NDMA data starts. Be very careful deriving a date upon which the lake will reach the spillway from this data as the spillway height is somewhat nebulous (can anyone give a definitive height?), it is of course being lowered, the rate of filling may change as snowmelt arrives, etc.

The graph of reported seepage rate is as follows: