24 August 2009

A bad summer for landslides in Darjeeling District, India

Posted by Dave Petley

Regular readers will know that I occasionally highlight the great work being undertaken by a small group of concerned citizens, Save the Hills, to raise awareness of landslides in Darjeeling District in northern India. This work is profiled in a blog, Visions of Hell, run by Praful Rao. As this is an area affected by the SW Monsoon, the summer is the main landslide season in this region. Although the vearly part of the monsoon this year was quite weak, August has seen heavy rain and many landslides. In particular, on both 15th August the area had about 60 mm of rainfall, followed by a further 190 mm on 19th August. The results were all too predictable, with multiple landslides. Strangely though these incidents have been scarecely reported even by the media within India, or in the daily reports of the National Disaster Management Division there.

Praful Rao has written an illustrated report of the latest destruction caused by the landslides, available here.