11 March 2009

USGS educational video on landslides in the San Francisco Bay Area

Posted by Dave Petley

Thanks to the Geology blog In Terra Veritas for highlighting a USGS video on landslides in the San Francisco Bay area. The video is a useful teaching / background resource, especially in terms of the way that it highlights the impacts of landslides on home owners, which is easily forgotten by both students and their teachers. The video compares two different slides; first, the Love Creek Heights landslide in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which was a large (600 m long x 250 m wide; 500,000 cubic metres) slide triggered by a heavy rainstorm on 5th January 1982. It killed 10 people.

The second is the La Honda landslide, which is a slow moving failure, also in the Santa Cruz mountains. This slide was the subject of one of my very first posts in December 2007.

Overall, this video is a useful resource that helps to understand landslides themselves and also their impact.