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7 December 2016

The Icy Bay landslide in Alaska: a nice video describing the link with glacial melting

Icy Bay landslide

. The Icy Bay landslide in Alaska A very nice video has been posted on Youtube describing the link between the giant Icy Bay landslide in Alaska in 2015 (this landslide is also variously known as the Taan Fjord landslide and the Tyndall Glacier landslide), which is the largest known recent landslide in North America, and the melting of the adjacent glacier.  The video features Dr Michael Loso, physical scientist …


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1 November 2016

Another novel way to manage rockfall hazard: blasting the slope with gunfire from a tank


Authorities in Switzerland have hit upon a novel way to manage rockfall hazard by blasting it with heavy gunfire from a tank


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19 September 2016

A great new landslide video: Piz Cengalo

Piz Cengalo

A number of videos have been posted online show a large rock avalanche on Piz Cengalo in the Swiss Alps on 11th September


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2 September 2016

Uttarkhand and Siliguri: two new landslide videos from India


Two new landslide videos from India have been posted this week on Youtube – one showing a large rockslide in Uttarakhand and the other a lucky escape from Siliguri


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13 August 2016

Freshwater: a nice landslide video from the Isle of Wight

Freshwater landslide

Freshwater, Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Radio has a nice video, taken by a walker on the beach at Freshwater, of a cliff collapse event.  The video was uploaded onto Facebook by Phil Baldwin, who was collecting fossils on the cliff face.  ITV News has a nice report that provides more detail about what happened. Phil Baldwin has also uploaded some images of the aftermath of the landslide onto …


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28 July 2016

Illgraben debris flow video


A fantastic video has been posted on Youtube showing a very large debris flow in the Illgraben catchment in Canton Vallais, Switzerland.


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17 July 2016

Glacier Bay Landslide in Alaska: a satellite image and new videos

Glacier Bay landslide

A new satellite image and two new videos are available of the enormous Glacier Bay landslide in Alaska, which occurred a few weeks ago


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16 July 2016

Ya’an City, Sichuan: a video of a very near miss

Ya'an City landslide

A video has appeared on Youtube showing a very near miss between a landslide and a crowded bus in Ya’an City, Sichuan, China. Quick thinking by the driver avoided catastrophe


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10 July 2016

Nagasaki, Uttarakhand and Pakistan: three new landslide videos


Three good new landslide videos are available on Youtube, shot in Nagasaki (Japan), Uttarakhand (India) and in the mountains of Pakistan


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16 June 2016

Landslide video: a massive landslide takes out a truck in Peru

Peru landslide

A new video on Youtube shows a massive landslide taking out a small truck on a mountain road in Peru. The circumstances are unclear.


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